Sunday, October 24, 2010

a new leaf

i used to not like fall as much as i do now. granted i used to live in arizona where theres only two season... hot and not so hot.
but now the leaves are changing and and theres a certain chill in the air.
is a comin' and i still dont have a costume.
plus ill prob gain 17 pounds all in my ace from all the delicious candy.
my husband is sweet i love him.
i know that really didnt have anything to do with fall but ill love him every season of the year.
were going to the big D in a few weeks. im excited (:
if anyone can help me with my blog please do . i nee dhelp.
as you can see im pretty stupid ^^
what do you love about fall?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shake it baby.

after tonight i can think of nothing more than britney spears,
i adored her in jr. high and my love was awakened by tonights glee episode, even my hubs watched. now i will have to dig out my old i pod and re-live old memories.
i knew all the songs and could dance along to all the dances.
britney i love you...
but please stop the madness... (:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my my how time flies...

since my last post alot of things happened...

i got married (:

yes, married to my bestest friend mr. jordan scott springer.

in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.

although we got married on the most unlucky day of the year im not gonna lie it was probably the most amazing and LUCKY day that i have ever expirienced.

everything was perfect...

i was also paticularly excited that my family and elba were able to travel all the way from arizona to come share this splendid day with me ...

i am so greatful for everyone that made our day so amazing (:

check back for the rundown of the reception and the most adorable pictures ever (:

Friday, May 7, 2010

what about now?

i havent blogged in forev-ur and a half, and it would be much easier if this cat wasnt in my biznesss. 
these days ive been so impatient, stressed and needing a fetching break from this gross utah weather. 
someone told me that good things come for those who wait, and you know what i said? beeee esssss.
thats a lie. ive been waiting forever and after i wait i have to wait again and again and again.
and so. im not getting my poor little hopes up. it just not fair is it? i didnt think so. if anyone knows what im talking about hollah at your girl (:
moving on...
this week my friend Jess is going to come visit me. yaayyyy people actually do like me. its her first time in utah and i really hope she has fun!
were excited!
and then after that its my BIRTHDAY!
and then jordan and i are going on the road. 
for 20 straight hours we will drive to CHI-town.
has anyone ever been there? is it fun? help.

i know what your thinking. "oh this blog is so boring theres no pictures."
i know. this computer does not have a place for a memory card. fail.

whats your biggest secret??  

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

and only less than .three. days!
today im running on 2 hours of sleep and thats because i took a nap when i got home from school. but that is irrelevant.
last night someone told me...
"there are good people, those who everyone loves at all times... and then there are fake people who lie, and then sara there is people like you... who are real..."
thank you so much (person who should remain anonymous)
you made my day.
and now... moving on...
did i tell you that i was going to arizona in
yes you read right... dos dias...
im so super excited.
i wonder what im going to blog about once i come back.
nothing? or maybe about how im going back in june?
yeah probably.

whats everybody doing this summer?!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

im in love

and only .four. more days!

and so sometimes im so happy i think about all of the things that i love and hold very true to my heart. and sometimes just a few things pop into this cute little head of mine.

i love arizona.

yes, you can cook an egg on the pavement in the summer time but it .does not. snow!
and thats my favorite part.

and in 4 days im going back to my glorious motherland.

i also love elizabeth marie soden.

she knows me better than i know myself and shes my favorite moose ever.
she makes me happy inside. best franssss for ever. ya digg?

and also i cannot forget the littlest love of my life

kamille rubi cassio

ok thats not her last name but it might as well be.

i also have a serious infatuation with these

kirsten thank you for blessing my life with this.
the cocoa bean in Provo, Utah is the place to go to!!

and speaking of blessings i am so grateful for the blessings my heavenly father has given me.

im so excited for the new changes in my life.

what are you grateful for?
have a happy day!

Friday, March 5, 2010


and only .nine. days until i visit my home state of Arizona.
that state is leit. srsly.
im so excited that i get to see my best fran. i havent seen her since january. and that is a bizillion years in friend years.
and also kami.
it is also beautiful outside.
it snowed alot last night but it turned into the most beautiful landscape outside my window.
i have high hopes for this month.
what are your hopes?