Tuesday, March 9, 2010

im in love

and only .four. more days!

and so sometimes im so happy i think about all of the things that i love and hold very true to my heart. and sometimes just a few things pop into this cute little head of mine.

i love arizona.

yes, you can cook an egg on the pavement in the summer time but it .does not. snow!
and thats my favorite part.

and in 4 days im going back to my glorious motherland.

i also love elizabeth marie soden.

she knows me better than i know myself and shes my favorite moose ever.
she makes me happy inside. best franssss for ever. ya digg?

and also i cannot forget the littlest love of my life

kamille rubi cassio

ok thats not her last name but it might as well be.

i also have a serious infatuation with these

kirsten thank you for blessing my life with this.
the cocoa bean in Provo, Utah is the place to go to!!

and speaking of blessings i am so grateful for the blessings my heavenly father has given me.

im so excited for the new changes in my life.

what are you grateful for?
have a happy day!


  1. Your blog is very lovely.
    I'm grateful for everything.


  2. Stumbled on your blog!! Beautiful, Beautiful photos!


    Cheers, Jesa