Friday, May 7, 2010

what about now?

i havent blogged in forev-ur and a half, and it would be much easier if this cat wasnt in my biznesss. 
these days ive been so impatient, stressed and needing a fetching break from this gross utah weather. 
someone told me that good things come for those who wait, and you know what i said? beeee esssss.
thats a lie. ive been waiting forever and after i wait i have to wait again and again and again.
and so. im not getting my poor little hopes up. it just not fair is it? i didnt think so. if anyone knows what im talking about hollah at your girl (:
moving on...
this week my friend Jess is going to come visit me. yaayyyy people actually do like me. its her first time in utah and i really hope she has fun!
were excited!
and then after that its my BIRTHDAY!
and then jordan and i are going on the road. 
for 20 straight hours we will drive to CHI-town.
has anyone ever been there? is it fun? help.

i know what your thinking. "oh this blog is so boring theres no pictures."
i know. this computer does not have a place for a memory card. fail.

whats your biggest secret??  

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