Wednesday, August 17, 2011

un ano.

august 13th 2010
i married my best friend
(awe, so sappy) 
its been one hell of a year let me tell ya, 
and i wouldn't change a thing.
now let me take you on a years worth of picture memories... ready? ok (:

newlyweds Maui, HI 2010

random day in October, 2010

jazz game October, 2010
Halloween 2010
 (no i was not wearing a costume ha jk)

 random day November, 2010

nudist ranch November, 2010
 visiting shaun and jay in detroit 
 magical gardens, i mean botanical gardens
Detroit, MI
 Red Wings game November, 2010 

Utah vs Notre Dame November 2010
 Thanksgiving 2010
 My 22nd birthday May, 2011
 elbas wedding May, 2011
wild life world zoo (somewhere in arizona) May, 2011

as you may notice theres a lot of gaps, like Christmas where the heck is Christmas,
well its because i got lazy and never brought my camera anywhere.
its ok i promise ill be better about it. 

And there you have it. 
a year full of memories.
 i cannot wait for our little Naomi to get here. 

and jordan,i love you so much, thank you for being so good to me.
heres to many many many more years (:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

woah nelly!

it went from this...
cute bump at 16 weeks (:
to this...
crazy belly at 27 weeks... : /
now dont get me wrong i love it.
but my goodness shes just getting so chubbo isnt she? 
or maybe its just me thats getting chubbo.
its both of us. 
ive gained so much weight that i broke the scale at the dr.s office. 
ok i didnt but if feels like i might. 

maybe it doesnt help that im eating potato chips as i write this...
but they are so good. 

the moose is doing just fine... just wiggling and squirming and kicking and making 
mama VERY uncomfortable.
awe man i loff her.  
ive had dreams about her and how shes going to be all mine. 
ahhhh i cant wait. 
ive started to get a few things together for her.
it sucks that im not going to have a baby shower in utah 
but its ok i dont want this baby to be too spoiled ((:

next subject...
lets talk about how much i love this guy...


no no hes not high, he just hates pictures.
thats why i cant ever get decent pictures of him.
 but none the less hes my everything and i just couldnt live without him.

does anyone know what braxton hicks contractions feel like? 
i think i might of had some not too long ago but im not sure.

only 86 more days! 
daaaayyynnnngggg gina (:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 days.

till baby N. comes!
how freakking exciting.
not to mention a very nervous mama over hurr.
 this is what i be lookin like this week. 
can you see how high shes at? 
she wants to make sure everyone can see her...
(you can tell shes my daughter.)
its pretty uncomfortable. 
just so you know.

i know you guys are dying to read all about my crazy cravings
and all kinds of preggy stuff. 
sadly i havent had a very eventful pregnancy. 
i mean unless you count that one time i had to go to the e.r. but it was a false alarm.
or that one time that i passed out at work or that other time i passed out at babies r us.
or all those times when i have to pee 4 times a night 
or when im exhausted all day every day,
or when i cant eat very much because i literally feel like im going to explode.
or how my feet and hands swell when it gets too warm outside. 
yeah i guess i have had a very un eventful pregnancy ;) 

on the bright side baby N. has aerobic slash kickboxing class 
at 7am 
sharp every morning. 
shes my little alarm clock :))
i want her to come out now, but something tells me that i should let her cook for a tad bit longer.

lastly im afraid of two things in this world.
the first cockroaches
the second... stretch marks
luckily i haven't had to see neither of those,
lets hope and pray it stays that way...

also, does anyone have any questions for me? i would love to get a Q&A goin... 
let me know. lets make this fun!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i looked cute. as you can observe from the above picture.
i really must post about how big im getting. 
i am currently 24 weeks along.
for anyone who cares to follow. 
sometimes i feel like my belly is going to explode. 
like literally. but alas it hasnt not yet. and i better get used to the feeling 
because im sure that its going to get worse. 
oh my lanta! i cannot wait to see this little baby. shes already so precious. 
jordan thinks im crazy but i swear she already looks like him. 
shes such a busy bee already. 
kicking me and squirming all over. and sometimes when i get bored i just poke at her and wait 
for a poke back. 
its the strangest feeling and ive recently been able to see her kick on the outside of my tum.
its pretty rad. 
all alien like like how you see in the movies...

i dont think its hit me yet. that im going to be a mom. 
but i feel confident that i will be a good mom. 
Heavenly Father has chosen jordan and i to be parents and it gives me such comfort to know that
he trusts us with this (: 

love you baby N! cant wait to meet you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may first.

i wish i was more creative.
lets see when was the last time i blogged?
oh yeah in the fall.
i get so lazy.
i promise ill be better about it.
 moving on...

i am almost half way done with this pregnancy.
i still cant believe there is a human being inside of me.
by golly.
i feel huge and im just going to get huger <--- is that the right word?
can anyone direct me to some cute pregnancy blogs?
pretty please with cotton candy on top?
that would be delish... i mean greatly appriciated.
maybe next post ill post some pictures of my bellaaayyyy.
but for now im just toooo bloatttteeddddd.
thanks for understanding.