Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 days.

till baby N. comes!
how freakking exciting.
not to mention a very nervous mama over hurr.
 this is what i be lookin like this week. 
can you see how high shes at? 
she wants to make sure everyone can see her...
(you can tell shes my daughter.)
its pretty uncomfortable. 
just so you know.

i know you guys are dying to read all about my crazy cravings
and all kinds of preggy stuff. 
sadly i havent had a very eventful pregnancy. 
i mean unless you count that one time i had to go to the e.r. but it was a false alarm.
or that one time that i passed out at work or that other time i passed out at babies r us.
or all those times when i have to pee 4 times a night 
or when im exhausted all day every day,
or when i cant eat very much because i literally feel like im going to explode.
or how my feet and hands swell when it gets too warm outside. 
yeah i guess i have had a very un eventful pregnancy ;) 

on the bright side baby N. has aerobic slash kickboxing class 
at 7am 
sharp every morning. 
shes my little alarm clock :))
i want her to come out now, but something tells me that i should let her cook for a tad bit longer.

lastly im afraid of two things in this world.
the first cockroaches
the second... stretch marks
luckily i haven't had to see neither of those,
lets hope and pray it stays that way...

also, does anyone have any questions for me? i would love to get a Q&A goin... 
let me know. lets make this fun!

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  1. What kind of birth are youhaving? Epidural, induction, natural?do you have any doubts ,or fears? Have you read any birth books? Did you know im a doula? :) aka birth assistant. I have a good website for q&a that helps! Your adorable sara! U will do great when the time comes, and when you belly drops low take a pic and compare!