Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i looked cute. as you can observe from the above picture.
i really must post about how big im getting. 
i am currently 24 weeks along.
for anyone who cares to follow. 
sometimes i feel like my belly is going to explode. 
like literally. but alas it hasnt not yet. and i better get used to the feeling 
because im sure that its going to get worse. 
oh my lanta! i cannot wait to see this little baby. shes already so precious. 
jordan thinks im crazy but i swear she already looks like him. 
shes such a busy bee already. 
kicking me and squirming all over. and sometimes when i get bored i just poke at her and wait 
for a poke back. 
its the strangest feeling and ive recently been able to see her kick on the outside of my tum.
its pretty rad. 
all alien like like how you see in the movies...

i dont think its hit me yet. that im going to be a mom. 
but i feel confident that i will be a good mom. 
Heavenly Father has chosen jordan and i to be parents and it gives me such comfort to know that
he trusts us with this (: 

love you baby N! cant wait to meet you!


  1. ok you and your little babe are SO darling! love your bloggy :) Following!