Wednesday, June 29, 2011

woah nelly!

it went from this...
cute bump at 16 weeks (:
to this...
crazy belly at 27 weeks... : /
now dont get me wrong i love it.
but my goodness shes just getting so chubbo isnt she? 
or maybe its just me thats getting chubbo.
its both of us. 
ive gained so much weight that i broke the scale at the dr.s office. 
ok i didnt but if feels like i might. 

maybe it doesnt help that im eating potato chips as i write this...
but they are so good. 

the moose is doing just fine... just wiggling and squirming and kicking and making 
mama VERY uncomfortable.
awe man i loff her.  
ive had dreams about her and how shes going to be all mine. 
ahhhh i cant wait. 
ive started to get a few things together for her.
it sucks that im not going to have a baby shower in utah 
but its ok i dont want this baby to be too spoiled ((:

next subject...
lets talk about how much i love this guy...


no no hes not high, he just hates pictures.
thats why i cant ever get decent pictures of him.
 but none the less hes my everything and i just couldnt live without him.

does anyone know what braxton hicks contractions feel like? 
i think i might of had some not too long ago but im not sure.

only 86 more days! 
daaaayyynnnngggg gina (:


  1. What a cute post!!! I am so happy that you two are having a baby Sara. Your baby girl is going to be so adorable. :)
    I love your blog btw you're tooo cute.