Wednesday, August 17, 2011

un ano.

august 13th 2010
i married my best friend
(awe, so sappy) 
its been one hell of a year let me tell ya, 
and i wouldn't change a thing.
now let me take you on a years worth of picture memories... ready? ok (:

newlyweds Maui, HI 2010

random day in October, 2010

jazz game October, 2010
Halloween 2010
 (no i was not wearing a costume ha jk)

 random day November, 2010

nudist ranch November, 2010
 visiting shaun and jay in detroit 
 magical gardens, i mean botanical gardens
Detroit, MI
 Red Wings game November, 2010 

Utah vs Notre Dame November 2010
 Thanksgiving 2010
 My 22nd birthday May, 2011
 elbas wedding May, 2011
wild life world zoo (somewhere in arizona) May, 2011

as you may notice theres a lot of gaps, like Christmas where the heck is Christmas,
well its because i got lazy and never brought my camera anywhere.
its ok i promise ill be better about it. 

And there you have it. 
a year full of memories.
 i cannot wait for our little Naomi to get here. 

and jordan,i love you so much, thank you for being so good to me.
heres to many many many more years (:

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